e-NIGMA SaaS PLATFORM is catered to:

Crypto Service Providers


Law Enforcement


AML-CFT Compliance

e-NIGMA allows you to comply with emerging FATF and EU anti-money-laundering requirements with a click

Detailed Risk Score

Once a wallet address is inserted in the e-NIGMA toolbar, the software provides you with a detailed Risk Score based on behavioral analysis of incoming and outgoing funds 

KYC integration

e-NIGMA allows to tag your clients’ wallets with their Know-Your-Customer data so as to easily manage your clients’ bitcoin activities

Wallet Clustering & Identity Tagging

e-NIGMA scraping tools and investigative teams always enrich our vast database of millions of tagged wallets

Data Visualization & Customizable Graphs

The Transactions tree lets you trace and visualize the whole history of a wallet’s transactions, you can then customize the relevant information and share graphs with your team members 

Automated Suspicious Activity Reports

On any suspicious transaction a SAR will be automatically filed, which you can then download and use in case of audits and legal procedures

Customizable Alerts

Customize activity alerts based on a wallet or a pre-determined transaction threshold

Due Diligence Investigations

When onboarding a client or in the event of a suspicious transaction, our investigation team can conduct Customer/Enhanced Due Diligence on the transaction and user through open-source intelligence tools, techniques and sources

Compliance & Regulation News

Live feed right on your dashboard that brings you the latest news on crypto regulation and compliance